Parcels are made of corrugated cardboard and used in many different industries thanks to their high resistance, versatility, lightweight design, and affordable prices. Customers can select from color, printing, and lamination options. In addition, parcels are 100% recyclable and environment friendly. They are used in many applications. Parcels are a type of packaging product that facilitates transportation, loading and storage of items and is used in a variety of industries, including electronics, automotive, electricity, chemistry, printing, textile, white goods, furniture, plastics, transportation and food. see more–>


Separators are packaging products that are made of corrugated cardboard. They are used to sort items that are usually moved within boxes and crates and prevent such items from coming into contact with each other. They are usually cut to the requested sizes by using molds. In addition, based on the properties of the products that will be transported within these boxes, we also produce ESD separators which are commonly used in the electronics industry as well as other types of separators that are coated with fabrics and bubble wrap to improve the scratch and impact resistance of products for the automotive and glass industries. see more–>


ESD – Anti-static products are designed to eliminate voltage sensitivity of equipment that can be easily affected by the environment or other devices as well as high-sensitivity components in the electronics industry. Anti-static products enable ESD-sensitive products such as transistors, diodes, electro-optic devices, microcircuits, electronic boards, and capacitors to be shipped and transported in an anti-static environment. see more–>


Die cut boxes are manufactured according to customer requirements based on which products or services they will be used with. Our design team can quickly develop tailored solutions for all requested sizes and properties. see more–>


Offset boxes are a type of box that is created by laminating corrugated paper on chroma cardboard. The primary feature of offset boxes that sets them apart from other types of boxes is a printing technique that enables any digital image data to be printed on the cardboard box. Due to their rich visual features and reliability, offset boxes are commonly used in the automotive, textile, spare parts, chemistry, pharmaceutical, and food industries. see more–>


As Kardem Packing, we offer tailored packaging solutions based on customer requests and requirements. We calculate all quantitative and qualitative details on a per-product basis and create innovative designs backed by our experience. see more–>


Cardboard stands are practical and economical products that are primarily used by retail brands and marketing and the entertainment industry for sales and display purposes. see more–>


Cardboard brackets are used to increase the strength of boxes or cardboard boxes, prevent products on a pallet from shifting during shipment, prevent products from being damaged as a result of impact from the corners and sides, avoid damage during strapping, and improve the strength of pallets. Thanks to their high resistance, lightweight structure and scalability, brackets are commonly used in the packaging industry. They are usually used for products manufactured by the automotive, furniture, glass, metal, white goods and advertisement industries and long-distance shipments. see more–>


This is a product group designed to meet the needs of firms which offer products wrapped around a roller or ship products by placing them inside cylindrical packages. see more–>